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Sound Meditation & Yoga Class at The Bronson Canyon Caves

  • Bronson Canyon Caves 3200 Canyon Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068 Los Angeles United States (map)

The Historical Bronson Canyon Caves:

Join us for a mystical and rejuvenating experience in the tucked-away caves of Bronson Canyon, just a few miles away from Mt. Hollywood overlooking the famous Hollywood sign. It’s world renowned for its role as the Batcave from the 1960’s TV series. The tunnel was carved into the rock wall of an old quarry. The caves are beautifully nestled under the imposing Mt. Hollywood secluded from the hustle and bustle making it an ideal place to unwind, while taking in the earth's potent energy in a naturally air-conditioned and beautifully lit atmosphere.

The Meeting Spot:

Meet us at the second bear sign upon entering the park. The second bear sign is located in between the two parking lots where the trail to cave begins. Arrive 5-10 minutes early to find a parking spot. There are 2 parking lots inside the park and street parking available before entering the park.

The Layout:

  • Beginners and optional moderate level Hiking

  • Walking Meditation class

  • Kundalini Yoga class

  • Sound Meditation

The Essentials:

  • Water

  • Yoga mat

  • Towel

The Experience:

We will meet at the *2nd* bear sign upon entering the park and begin with an easy and beautiful 10 minute hike up to the caves, followed by a 15 minute walking labyrinth meditation embodying the bodhisattva - an awakening, peaceful and loving state as we unite the mind and body and tap into the healing energy of the sacred earth; led by Naseem.

Following that, we will enter the caves where the Kundalini Yoga class will take place, focusing on the activation of your Ki: life force energy flow; you will be engaging in a series of postures accompanied by conscious breath in order to harmonize the 6 points of spiritual power located along the body also know as the chakras taught by Deyanira.

We will finalize with a total immersion in a multi-layered sound medicine experience using over-tone emitting instruments: Crystal quartz and Tibetan singing bowls, flute, thunder drum, melded with celestial operatic infused vocals entering into an introspective and meditative state.

Sound meditation acts as a tuning mechanism: through opening up our minds and receiving the vibrational frequencies of instruments, sound is able to awaken new perceptions and feelings within us.

The act of deep listening—entering into a deep meditative state and feeling the transformative power of sound reverberate through the body and consciousness—becomes a powerful and potentially life-transforming experience.

Blockages are removed, the nervous system is reset, and the natural balance of the body is restored. This will be facilitated by Healing Sound Alchemy.

(We have 1 volunteer opportunity for anyone who would like to contribute your time helping us in exchange of this experience.)

The Facilitators:

Naseem Murakami:

Reiki Master // Sound Therapist // Wellness Coach// Co-Founder, Healing Sound Alchemy

Andrea Sáenz

Sound Alchemist // Co-Founder, Healing Sound Alchemy

Deyanira Almanza

Kundalini Yoga Instructor

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