Elixir of Life Retreats


Dive deep into the Elixir of Life Retreat!

Embark on a transcendental exploration of a spiritual oasis, an adventure in Reiki energy healing, sound healing, celestial sound bath, and deep meditative journeying. Learn how you can create the most powerful version of yourself by using precise tools to heal deep wounds and manifest your dreams into reality.

Nourish and empower your soul through living foods, immersive excursions, live musical performances, and activities that will elevate your vibrations.


All inclusive retreat includes:

  • Rooms and accomodations (Shared rooms or optional private rooms)

  • Transportations during the retreat and pick-ups and drop-off to the airport at specified pick-up times.

  • Plant-based high vibrational Living Foods

  • Cacao ceremonies

  • Guided meditations

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • Sound Baths

  • Live music performances

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Fun activities and excursions into nature

  • High-Viber Workshops

  • Spanish language Immersion classes


One on one Spanish Class and Spanish Group classes

Language Immersion Experience: During The Elixir of Life Retreats you will experience an immersive language learning experience with Andrea Sáenz who is an intuitive, dynamic and Berlitz certified instructor. She has worked with an array of professionals, including FBI agents, movie stars, A-list celebrities, studio heads, prominent surgeons and many more. She also melds her artistry of music, dance and literature in her teaching. Learning another language enhances brain cognitive functions, offers many mental benefits as well as expanding vocabulary of self expressions beyond language barriers and entices creativity.

Workshop & Class: You will be taught valuable tips, teachings of mindfulness and proven ancient wisdoms that can greatly improve the quality of life by a certified holistic and wellness health practitioner.


High-Viber Workshops

High-Viber Workshop: This workshop will be included during the Elixir of Life Retreats and Healing Sound Alchemy workshops. High-Viber workshop is packed with useful info like how to work with crystals, aromatherapy, Tantra, nutrition, how to become more intuitive and connect with your higher self and much more! Naseem will be conducting light body activations, Reiki, sound healing, meditation and breath work to help participants to balance their chakras and help remove energetic blockages to restore ki-energy flow in their auric field to bring back balance and harmony. Naseem will also guide each participants into step by step simple exercises anyone can apply to their life daily. Naseem also teaches fundamental of human energy system, practical ways to raise the vibrational frequency to become a manifestation magnet. She will also demonstrate and share practical NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) method to reprogram our brain to overcome past traumas and alleviate stuck state so that the participants may experience breakthroughs and find resource within to help solve any problems they are facing.


What’s not included in this retreat

  • Airfare

  • Any additional meals and extra activities taken outside our retreat program during your free time.