The Celestial Sound Bath

In the Celestial Sound Bath we combine the force of new technology, ancient instruments and the human voice as powerful tools for healing. The Celestial Sound Bath: A colorful, multi layered vocal experience accompanied by quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, monochord  synthesizers and celestial, operatic infused vocals as powerful tools for healing. You will be taken on a journey through the vast heavens creating a heightened sense of deep love, making way for a safe haven to deeply purge resulting in holographic clarity.  The vibration of sound medicine is felt throughout our DNA to stimulate and disrupt any negative thought patterns and begins to dissolve energy blockages and balances out the chakra system. This symphony of elements produces overtones that have resonant and healing properties that release stressful energy and provide balance and serenity for the mind, heart, body and soul.

We are made up of 60% water and thus sound has a unique ability to enter every orifice of our body healing us on a cellular level and raising our inner vibration at a rapid rate and creating complete restoration.  Consequently, our brains shift, consciousness expands, and our minds become clear and ascension is activated.

The Shamanic Sound Bath

In the  Shamanic Sound Bath we offer a total immersive experience into your inner sacred space, initiated first by the smudging ceremony of sage and palo santo. We then take you on a deep meditative sound healing journey that will quickly transport you to the serene yet energizing and harmonious world of nature. Giving you the sense of grounding through the organic sound of the didgeridoo, rattles, rain sticks, and hand drums opening up the gateway to re-calibrate your mind, body, and soul for  cellular level healing. The ancient instrumentations of chao gong, Tibetan singing bowls, erhu (ancient Chinese two stringed violin) , kalimba, tingshas, bell, bamboo flute, jaw harp, overtone singing and chanting will work harmoniously to enhance your personal awareness and promote emotional well-being. Bathing into a harmonic resonance and powerful vibrations created through voice and various instruments will bypass any thoughts and penetrate deep into your body. Consequently resetting the parameters of your body’s energy meridians from any distortion that’s present in the body. You will be left in a deep state of relaxation, rejuvenation, feeling  cleansed, nurtured and  empowered.

The Ascension Sound Bath

The Ascension Sound Bath is truly a special sound bath designed to support and speed up the process of your light activations within your DNA. As the earth shifts into a higher vibrational frequency, we are all prompted to release old templates of our perceptions. In order to align ourselves to resonate into the New Earth energy by melding into a higher consciousness in order to coexist in harmony to achieve absolute manifestation. The Ascension Sound bath combines the best of both worlds from our celestial sound bath and Shamanic Sound bath infused with Reiki, guided meditation and breath work.

Some of the benefits of a Sound Bath Exeprience include:

  • Alleviates anxiety and stress

  • Improves clarity and concentration

  • Relieves Insomnia and physical pain

  • Dissolves depression and emotional trauma

  • Diminishes the impact of ADHD, PTSD and other mental disorders

  • Supports a stronger immune system and emotional well-being

What is Alchemy?

“Alchemy” refers to a complete transmutation of one substance into a whole  new substance. Just like a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly where the magic takes place and a transformation occurs, our goal is to facilitate that very process of healing and transformation so we all can create a better reality for ourselves and for the world in which we inhabit.


How we use alchemical integration for healing?

Healing Sound Alchemy uses various healing modalities, activation tools and techniques to help you re-calibrate, re-balance and re-establish the healthier mind, body, spirit connection. You will be taken to a place of deep relaxation and a sense of well-being through our alchemical integration to feel more in-tune with your true nature.

Below are the healing modalities that we incorporate:

  • Energy Healing: Working with the healing modality such as reiki and Qigong to assist with balancing and repairing of the human energy system such as chakra and aura.

  • High vibrational living foods: Learn and experience the benefits of consuming living raw foods for optimal health. Offered during the Elixir of Life Retreats.

  • Language Immersion: 

  • Meditation & breath work: A guided meditation and breathing techniques to go inwards for tranquility, peace, relaxation, releasing of the emotional blocks and receiving revelations.

  • Sound Healing & Sound baths: A sound vibration as a medicine for the body, mind and spirit. A powerful healing modality to raise your vibration and bring back harmony.

  • Healing Music: A soul enriching, empowering and inspiring music to nourish our soul.

  • Brain Entrainment Technology: A scientifically proven safe and natural neuro transmissions and activations through binaural beats, isochronic beats and brainwave enhancements which will be incorporated during our sound bath and music.

  • Vibrational Medicine: A real natural remedies from the ancient wisdom, we incorporate essential oils and aromatherapy during our sound bath events, sessions and retreats.