What is Alchemy?

“Alchemy” refers to a complete transmutation of one substance into a whole  new substance. Just like a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly where the magic takes place and a transformation occurs, our goal is to facilitate that very process of healing and transformation so we all can create a better reality for ourselves and for the world in which we inhabit.


How we use alchemical integration for healing?

Healing Sound Alchemy uses various healing modalities, activation tools and techniques to help you re-calibrate, re-balance and re-establish the healthier mind, body, spirit connection. You will be taken to a place of deep relaxation and a sense of well-being through our alchemical integration to feel more in-tune with your true nature.

Below are the healing modalities that we incorporate:

  • Energy Healing: Working with the healing modality such as reiki and Qigong to assist with balancing and repairing of the human energy system such as chakra and aura.

  • High vibrational living foods: Learn and experience the benefits of consuming living raw foods for optimal health. Offered during the Elixir of Life Retreats.

  • Language Immersion: 

  • Meditation & breath work: A guided meditation and breathing techniques to go inwards for tranquility, peace, relaxation, releasing of the emotional blocks and receiving revelations.

  • Sound Healing & Sound baths: A sound vibration as a medicine for the body, mind and spirit. A powerful healing modality to raise your vibration and bring back harmony.

  • Healing Music: A soul enriching, empowering and inspiring music to nourish our soul.

  • Brain Entrainment Technology: A scientifically proven safe and natural neuro transmissions and activations through binaural beats, isochronic beats and brainwave enhancements which will be incorporated during our sound bath and music.

  • Vibrational Medicine: A real natural remedies from the ancient wisdom, we incorporate essential oils and aromatherapy during our sound bath events, sessions and retreats.